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What is an overdenture treatment?

An overdenture treatment is the set of removable dental crowns that we place and fix on your teeth or dental inserts. It is not quite the same as a conventional denture, which lays on the gums unattached. Patients experiencing the loss of the entire upper or lower teeth have an assortment of choices accessible to them, the most notable being false teeth. For individual patients, customary, unattached false teeth are the correct decision in treatment. For other people, in any case, an expanded degree of capacity and solace is wanted. It is when overdentures become an excellent alternative.


Overdentures adopt a mixture strategy to supplanting teeth. The system joins dental embed innovation with false prosthetic teeth to reasonably carry patients closer to feeling like they have a full mouth of common teeth.


Why should you choose overdenture?

The benefits of overdentures come from dental inserts' adequacy in replacing the entire structure of missing teeth. We can say it as a tooth-supported denture. It helps to frame an artificial tooth root that turns into a piece of your jaw. It implies that overdentures are an unquestionably long-lasting solution than conventional false teeth.


A further preferred position of overdentures is that, not typical for standard false teeth; they give you a reliable and effective bite – as incredible as that of common teeth.


Different other advantages of overdentures include:

  • Ultimate comfort.
  • A natural-looking tooth.
  • Least possibility of gum irritation.
  • No requirement for dental replacement glues.


Let us understand the procedure of fitting overdenture in your mouth:

The procedure includes the following steps-

  • Taking an impression of your teeth.
  • Accepting images for proper positioning of your dental implants.
  • Fixation of a dental implant in a surgical way.
  • Monitoring the situation of your implant after healing.
  • Taking an impression for making your final dentures.
  • Fixing your overdentures.
  • Making adjustments in follow up sessions.




Different types of overdentures:

Overdentures can be of two kinds, removable and fixed. Along with these, we can see the following types also.

  • Locator overdenture: The locator Overdenture Implant is a perpetual two-piece Implant. It is a very cost-effective two-piece implant denture.
  • Telescopic overdenture: It is just like any removable dental prosthesis covered and lays on at least one of the excess regular teeth. We can fix it on the foundations of the regular teeth and the dental inserts.
  • Partial overdenture: Generally, removable overdentures are as same as partial overdenture.
  • More rigid bar overdenture: The Hader Bar is the most famous and flexible bar connection on the planet. It gives secure maintenance choices and is easy to support.
  • Bar retained overdenture: This embed treatment includes a situation of 3-4 inserts and the connection of a redid bar. This bar offers little help and arranges clasps to the dental replacement that fits the bar’s highest point. The bar held overdenture treatment could be utilized in both the upper and lower jaws.
  • Along with all these, maxillary overdentures are another type of denture that is very useful.


Overdenture cost in Face Essentials clinic:

Dr. Kartik Poonja, the best dentist in Vashi, provides the best overdenture treatment in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, at a very cost-effective one. TO know in detail about your total cost, visit us now.


Frequently asked questions:

Q.How long will my dentures go to last?

You will require a replacement schedule after every 12 to 18 months. Other than this, it is a last- long treatment.


Q.Can I sleep with my dentures?

Wearing dentures all the time is not suitable for your health. So, you should not wear that while sleeping.


Q.Is it painful to have an overdenture?

Yes, the treatment is painless.