Dental Bridges in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

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Every time we came up with the best treatment and made our patients satisfied with the treatment. Among all our treatments, dental bridges are instrumental and highly cost-effective. All the techniques we use in medicine and all the tools we use are modern medical standards.


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What is Dental Bridge?


A dental bridge is a false tooth that we place into the abutment teeth. These false teeth are known as pontic. Generally, they are made from porcelain, but we can use a variety of materials can be used. Dental bridges blend with your natural teeth.

Different types of dental bridges:



There are four main types of dental bridges-


  • Conventional- A traditional dental bridge is a prevalent one. You can use it when you have your natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth gap.





  • Cantilever-This type of dental bridge is similar to conventional bridges. Here you will require at least one natural tooth next to your missing tooth gap. We fix it only on your abutment tooth.




  • Maryland- Maryland dental bridges are, to some extent, similar to the traditional dental bridges. It requires two natural abutment teeth on each side of your missing tooth. It needs a framework of either porcelain or metal—generally, this framework into the back of your abutment teeth.




  • Implant-supported- These types of dental bridges are generally used with dental implants as the crown over implants. The surgically placed implant holds the dental bridges in their place. The treatment requires a few months to complete the procedure.



When do I need Dental bridges?

You will require a dental bridge when you have a missing tooth or teeth. Along with this, you will need dental bridges when you are suffering from the followings–

  • Bite problems
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Experiencing pain due to extra stress
  • Want an aesthetic smile
  • Want to improve your smile
  • Want to keep your remaining teeth in the proper place


What is the procedure of Dental bridge treatment?

It is a restorative dental procedure that replaces the missing teeth. The process of the treatment is as follows-

  • Examination of the area where you will need the dental bridge
  • Identification of required shape and size of dental bridges
  • Application of local anesthesia into the place of treatment
  • Shaping the abutment teeth according to the requirement
  • Construction of artificial bridges according to your needs
  • Placement of newly made dental bridges in your problem area
  • Menteng oral health to get the best result


What is the cost of dental bridge treatments?

The cost of dental bridges depends upon numerous things. Every patient is different and different from their requirements. Our doctor advises that there is various treatment available to us. So, the cost of the treatment will also be extra. 



Advantages of dental bridge treatment:

The advantages of dental bridges are as follows-

  • Minimal and lightweight equipment.
  • Provides Improved chewing ability.
  • Quick and painless treatment.
  • It helps to keep your mouth in good shape.
  • It brings back your aesthetic smile and images.
  • Least time-consuming.
  • The therapy is pocket friendly also.



Frequently asked questions:

Q.What are the materials of dental bridges?


Dental bridges are artificial teeth that can make of porcelain, metal, and a few more things.


Q.Is it painful to have this treatment?


No, the treatment is not painful. Here we use local anaesthesia so that you do not feel pain.


Q.Can I remove my dental bridges?


Yes, you can remove, if it is not a permanent dental bridge.