Dental Treatments

Root canal treatment

In this procedure the infected pulp of the tooth is removed which is the source of pain and replaced with gutta percha which acts as artificial pulp. Once the pulp is removed the tooth becomes insensitive and patient is relieved of the pain.

Post and core

Sometimes the tooth is very grossly destructed even root canal is not enough to salvage the tooth. In such cases following root canal treatment a post is put in the tooth which gives more stability to the tooth which prevents the tooth from fracture.

Crown and bridge treatment

These techniques are used to cover the teeth after root canal or to replace missing teeth. These provide protection to root canal treated tooth and also help in eating and esthetics of the patient.

Dental Implants

In this technique the implant which in common terms is like screw is placed in the bone. It takes 2 to 3 months to fuse to the bone. After which a tooth is fixed on the implant and the procedure is completed. We can load the implant with temporary prosthesis so that the patient has immediate function and esthetics later it can replaced by final.

Implant is the best option of treatment for missing teeth since it does not take support from adjacent teeth. We also perform all on four and all on six implant placement procedures where the entire dentition is supported by lesser amount of implants so that there is less damage to the bone.

Smile makeover

In this we do veneers or laminates which correct minor discrepancies in the front teeth so that patient can achieve a pleasant smile. It is very minimally invasive procedure since only one side of the tooth is cut.

Minor oral surgical procedures

These procedures involve third molar removal, cyst removal and apicectomy, biopsy, trauma, sinus lift procedure for implants etc. These are semi emergency procedures which help the patient relief quickly.

Periodontal surgery

In these kind of surgeries we deal with deep cleaning of the teeth. In these cases the bone level is below the normal levels and there is more exposure of the roots of the teeth. So by surgery we get the bone and gum levels to close to the desired levels in the process increasing the life of the teeth.

Teeth alignment

In this procedure wires and brackets are used to align the teeth. Sometimes in association with this we have to do orthognathic surgery where we change the position of the upper and lower jaw to get better results. We also provide alligners treatment which can be used to treat minor disturbances in the teeth positions without the ugliness of braces.

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