Why do you need regular dental check-ups?

In this article we have discussed about how important is regular dental check-ups for your oral health.

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 25th Feb, 21

Why do you need regular dental check-ups?


Visiting the dentist every six months, you may not expect one of the most important things. If you wondered what regular dental check-ups and cleanings are for, we, the best dental clinic in Vashi, have to say something to think about. 


If you are considering skipping a dental check-up for cost reasons or some other factor, such as time or fear of tooth pain, you are taking risks. What you may be paying for in the long run. If you don't visit your dentist, it is likely to be a lot more expensive for both your pocket and your peace of mind. 


Here are some of the main reasons why you should visit your dentist regularly:


Oral Cancer


Oral cancer is a severe disease that manifests itself in many ways. Oral cancer is often staying undiagnosed due to no symptoms. Eventually, it progresses and becomes life-threatening. Fortunately, an early-stage oral cancer diagnosis is common, and your dentist is well trained in identifying these signs and symptoms. With regular dental exams every six months, the chance of developing oral cancer early is dramatically higher. Finding oral cancer at an early stage is key to successful treatment. And although you may not notice any oral abnormalities, your dentist will.


Plaque tarter and dental cavity


Even with the most intense daily brushing and flossing, there are still small areas in the mouth that are overlooked by regular brushing and flossing. When plaque builds up, tartar becomes more difficult to remove, solidify, and turn into tartar, which is extremely difficult to remove without professional help. 


The patient receives dental treatment. Regular cleaning of the teeth prevents tartar from eroding the teeth or creating holes in them. This creates cavities. Cavities rarely give warning signs when they form, causing only a little pain once the tooth has already deteriorated. Once the damage is repaired, you will need to return to the nearby dentist in Vashi to have cavities and other dental problems filled and fixed. These can be avoided with regular cleanings, where plaque and tartar are treated beforehand and become destructive.


Problems related to your gum


The buildup of plaque and tartar causes tooth decay and erodes the gum tissue in the mouth. This occurs when tartar buildup causes an infection, in which the gums stick to the tooth and pull the gums out. This infection is known as gingivitis and results in

the breakdown of the tissue that attaches the gums to the teeth. 


There may be bleeding or pain in the mouth. Gum disease also causes the bone that holds teeth in place to break down. It is common for teeth to loosen or fall out entirely, and a dentist must perform drastic treatments.


Finding the hidden problem through X-rays


An essential thing about visiting your dentist every six months is getting an X-ray of your teeth and jaws. With X-rays, the dentist can see what is happening below the mouth's surface and find and diagnose problems that may be invisible to the dentist with the naked eye. Issues like this can affect the teeth, which are growing teeth that cannot cross the gum line, as is often the case with wisdom teeth.


Damage to the jaw can also be and bone deterioration, swelling, cysts, or tumors, all of which cannot be seen without X-ray images. Finding these or other critical oral problems as early as possible is crucial to treat them properly, especially with destructive diseases that show few or no symptoms but progress rapidly. Recent X-rays and bi-annual examinations are the best way to monitor your health.


So, is it worth undergoing dental check-ups?


In addition to tooth repairing, dentists and dentists professionally clean your teeth to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and look for abnormalities that otherwise go unnoticed and could be a sign of severe health problems. Ensure your bones are healthy and help you correct habits that are sabotaging your oral health, among other things. Skipping dental appointments does not seem like a big deal, but oral problems can develop and progress too quickly, whether you are or not. If you keep up with your cleanings and, you are doing yourself a great long run favour.