Preventive remedies for dental cavity in Navi Mumbai.

Read this article to learn how to protect your teeth from dental cavity in Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 28th Dec, 20

The eating habit of Navi Mumbai people is prone to attracting dental cavity. All the junk foods and sweets are the main reason that people are suffering from numerous dental issues.


It leads to such an extent that you may need to remove your teeth for treatment. We at Face Essentials clinic provide you with all your required solutions for dental needs.


Today we, the best dental clinic in Navi Mumbai, are discussing preventive remedies for your dental cavities. Know about the best solution for cavities at home from the dentist in Vashi. Read the article to know more about various preventive measures for your dental cavity.


So, cavities are small holes in the crown part of your teeth. Overconsumption of sugary and acidic food is the main reason for cavity development in your teeth.


Streptococcus mutans is the most common bacteria that instigates your dental cavity. It grows plaque around your teeth surface. The acids present in plaque destroys the coating of your teeth. Eventually, the hole develops on your teeth.

Now let us discuss the remedies for cavity-

When you develop a cavity in your tooth, no home treatment can remove them. You will require to visit the dental clinic for treatment.

Remember, an authentic dentist only can treat your dental cavity with clinical therapies. Now let us see a few home remedies that can prevent your teeth cavity.

Vitamin D-

Your teeth are made with calcium deposit mainly. Hence, vitamin D is essential to absorb calcium from your food. You should include food items rich in vitamin D.

All kinds of dairy products are a good source of vitamin D. So, consuming the dairy product will help you fight dental erosion. Sunray is another source of vitamin D.

Sugar-free gummies-

Sugar-free gummies are very useful for fighting against Streptococcus Mutans bacteria. As a result, you will get cavity-free and healthy teeth. Chew sugar-free gummies every day after each meal.

Use fluoride toothpaste-

Fluoride toothpaste is beneficial in keeping your teeth healthy. It prevents cavities on your teeth by protecting your teeth enamel. So always use fluoride toothpaste while brushing your teeth. It contains to form lousy breath in your mouth also.

Cut out, sweets-

Though sugary food products are very famous among people yet, you should cut the sweet quantity

intake. Consuming sugary food products can trigger the formation of cavities on your teeth. Consuming sugar-rich food once in a while is not an issue. You should avoid a high amount of sugar consumption. It will help your teeth enamel to fight against dental erosion.

Regular brushing and flossing-

Maintaining oral hygiene is mandatory to stay away from the cavity. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste properly at least twice a day. Along with that, flossing is also compulsory. It helps to remove food particles between your teeth.

Oil pulling-

Oil pulling is another way of treating your teeth from the cavity. It takes care of your teeth’s health as well. The treatment includes using oil, like sesame or coconut oil.

Apply it in your mouth for around 20 minutes. Then spit these oils out from your mouth, at that point letting it out. Oil pulling with sesame oil removes plaque from your teeth. Along with this, it destroys the bacterial growth in your mouth.

Mouth wash-

Many of you skip using mouth wash. But mouth wash can reduce the scope of oral infection due to bacteria and fungus. If your dentist recommends any mouth wash for you, obey that.

Licorice root-

Liquorice roots are the component of the liquorice plant. It is very effective in treating bacterial growth in your mouth. Sometimes, it requires proper clinical treatment to prevent the cavity.

Numerous dental issues, even deep cavities, can develop without showing any symptoms. So, a regular visit to your dentist can help you to identify the hole beforehand. Hence, book an appointment now.     

So, what are the treatment available at Face Essentials clinic for cavity-

Fluoride medicines: Sometimes, we recommend Professional fluoride medicines. You can get that in the form of toothpaste as well as a mouth wash. Your doctor can also fix the doses of the medication according to your needs.

Fillings: Fillings are the essential treatment when a cavity has advanced deep in your teeth.

Crowns: A crown is an artificial covering or “cap.” We place the crown over the tooth to treat your extensive decay.

Root canals: When the tooth decay arrives at your tooth’s internal material, a root canal becomes necessary.

Tooth extractions: We apply this procedure when your teeth are already damaged permanently and you do not have any other option.

Visit us when you require without any fail. Till then, stay healthy and safe.