Laser dentistry - all you need to know

Laser dentistry is a modern technique, where a dentist can use the effectiveness laser beams to treat certain oral complications

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 18th Apr, 21

People in Navi Mumbai are aware of the various traditional dental procedures. As one of the best dentists in Navi Mumbai, Dr. Kartik Poonja provides quality dental treatments with proper care. Face Essentials, the Vashi dental clinic, is the place where Dr. Poonja is offering dental treatments. 


He is providing laser dentistry along with the conventional treatment procedures, as well. It will help you in treating oral complications without any discomfort.


What is laser dentistry, and how does it work?


Laser dentistry refers to the use of lasers to cure a variety of dental issues. There is a new trend in the medical field to use laser technologies in numerous critical issues. 


When we compare it with drills and other non-laser equipment, laser dentistry can provide a more convenient treatment choice for various dental treatments involving hard or soft tissue.


The followings are few examples of complications where laser dentistry can benefit you:

  • Various gum diseases
  • Sensitivity of teeth and gum
  • Teeth cleaning and whitening
  • Tartar and tooth decay


Everyone knows that a laser works with the help of concentrated light. When this laser light strikes your tissue, it causes a reaction that dissolves or molds your tissue.


Lasers can improve the performance, cost-effectiveness, and comfort of dental procedures. The technique has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment choice for a variety of dental complications.


So, what is the procedure for laser dentistry treatment?


Hard tissue and soft tissue procedures are the two major categories of laser dentistry procedures. Here your teeth are considered as hard tissue, while the gums are regarded as soft tissue.


The following are examples of standard hard tissue procedures:


Detection of cavities: If you have a cavity, it can detect that from the symptoms of your tooth decay.


Dental fillings: Laser therapies do not require local anesthesia or conventional treatment requirements. Lasers can destroy bacteria in cavities very quickly and provide you healthy teeth.


Sensitivity of tooth: Dental laser treatment can seal the tubules present in your tooth's root. So, you will not suffer from tooth sensitivity while having something hot or cold.


Now, let us see some of the most common soft tissue procedures:


Taking care of your gum: In many cases, you can see that your gum covers a large portion of the tooth. Here laser dentistry can reshape your gum.


Reshaping your crown: This technique reshapes gum tissue and bone for a healthy tooth structure, which aids in dental restorations.


Soft tissue folds removal: Without sutures or discomfort, laser dentistry can easily separate soft tissues from improperly fitted dentures.


Laser dentistry can help in treating many other procedures:  


Dr. Kartik Poonja, the affordable dentist in Vashi, may use optical coherence tomography (a tool) to examine the inner part of your tooth or gum tissue safely.


If you have tumors on the tongue, gums, and sides of the lips or cheeks, laser dentistry in Mumbai can help you eliminate them. 


Laser dentistry can treat sleep apnea also. If sleep apnea occurs due to tissue overgrowth in the throat, lasers can reshape the throat and alleviate related breathing difficulties.


Regeneration of the nerves: If you are suffering from damaged blood vessels, nerves, then laser treatment can regenerate them. 


Cold sores treatment: Cold sores can be treated with lasers to improve recovery time and discomfort.


Whitening of your teeth: During teeth-whitening sessions, lasers accelerate the bleaching process and give you a pearl white smile.


So, what is the cost of laser treatment?


The cost of laser dentistry varies depending on the process and the laser equipment used. They can be less costly than non-laser treatments since laser treatments take less time. 


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