Is your Navi Mumbai Lifestyle affecting your Oral Health?

How can Navi Mumbai lifestyle affect your oral health.

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 28th Dec, 20

For people living in Navi Mumbai, time is a luxury they cannot afford. The Navi Mumbai lifestyle around you is always rushing. People try to complete maximum work in a day. When doing this, they usually fall into some lifestyle patterns.


The word ‘lifestyle’ is a diffuse concept mostly used to show how people live, reflecting various social norms, attitudes, and activities. It is composed of behavioral and cultural patterns and personal habits (e.g., diet, physical activity, alcoholism, and smoking) developed due to socialization.


Most Navi Mumbai lifestyles form different interactions with parents, siblings, friends, peer groups, schools, and media. Most health issues, particularly in a developed economy like Navi Mumbai (e.g., lung cancer, coronary heart disease, drug addiction, obesity), are linked with people’s lifestyles.


Just like any other health condition, a typical Navi Mumbai lifestyle can affect your oral health as well. The best dental clinic in Navi Mumbai is explaining various things involved in a Navi Mumbai lifestyle that negatively affects your oral health:


Junk food

Junk food

Due to the fast-paced lifestyle of Navi Mumbai, many people resort to fast food, also known as junk food. Junk foods are high in sugar; that is the reason they are called junk food. So, they are bad for both oral health and general health.


These types of foods consist of too many carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Frequently consuming junk food can lead to several diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart problems.


Carbonated drinks/ sugary foods

Carbonated soda

Carbonated drinks/sodas are a usual companion when taking a work break in Navi Mumbai. Since people want to complete their tasks for the day, they resort to such drinks to boost their energy.


Carbonated drinks/sodas contain a high level of sugars and have an acidic PH. This is harmful to your gums and teeth. Also, high sugar foods involving chocolates, candies, doughnuts, and so on behave as energy sources for the damaging bacteria in your oral cavity.


Smoking/ chewing tobacco


Unfortunately, smoking and chewing tobacco are part of most people’s lives in Navi Mumbai, but other places. It is vital to understand that all forms of tobacco, such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and cigars, are not suitable for your oral health.


Tobacco is naturally carcinogenic and causes lung diseases. Chewing tobacco increases the chance of oral cancer, causing deadly conclusions. In addition to having nicotine, which is addictive, they all can cause:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Oral cancer (cancer of the lip, tongue)
  • Cancer of the esophagus

Nearly 75% of gum diseases in Navi Mumbai occur due to smoking. Smoking not only harms the person doing it but can cause similar issues in the ones around smokers. Passive smoking is a huge health risk, as well.



Alcohol is present in all-night parties held in Navi Mumbai. After coming back from such parties, people fall to their beds and sleep. Leaving alcohol in their mouth for the whole night. It leads to the accumulation of plaque, further leading to a risk of tooth loss.


Furthermore, alcohol abuse or excessive consumption causes dryness of the mouth, staining of teeth, periodontal problems. Excessive consumption also causes cardiovascular and liver diseases. Drinkers are at a much higher risk of oral cancer as compared to non-drinkers.


Brushing habits

Brushing habit

Due to the fast-paced Navi Mumbai lifestyle and how exhausted people get when they come back home, most people skip or do not brush properly. Irregular brushing or flossing habits can lead to various oral health problems such as bad breath, cavities, oral infections, tooth loosening, and so on.


Brushing your teeth twice or thrice daily, using mouthwash after brushing, and flossing can decrease plaque accumulation on your teeth. 

Plaque behaves as a platform for attachment and potential damage sites for bacteria.


Cleaning your tongue should also become a regular part of your brushing habits to decrease the risks of diseases such as candidiasis( fungal infection), halitosis, hairy tongue, and so on.



People may ignore the harmful effect that stress has on their oral health. Still, your mouth can be just as affected due to stress as the rest of your body. Stress can bring real consequences for your oral health and your complete well-being.


People under stress sometimes have poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and consuming more sugary foods. It can lead to severe issues, including oral cancer, gum disease, or tooth decay.


Oral health is among the factors that contribute to your healthy lifestyle. Many dental clinics in Navi Mumbai recommend various tips to assist you to look after your oral health:

  • Regularly visit your dentist.
  • Brush minimum twice or thrice a day and floss at least once a day.
  • Consume a well-balanced diet.
  • Check your mouth frequently to be familiar with what is normal for you. This can help you to find out when something in your mouth feels or looks different or abnormal.
  • Prevent activities that may harm your mouth or teeth, as mentioned above, smoking, oral piercings, and recreational drugs.
  • Try to decrease the impact stress brings to your oral and overall health.

Consult a dentist in Navi Mumbai; they can help you form a healthy oral routine based on your daily schedule. Take good care of your teeth, as you only get one set for your whole life.