For what reason we develop Plaque?

Developing plaque on your teeth can never be a healthy sign of proper oral hygiene. Learn the ways to prevent plaque development on your teeth.

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 24th Feb, 21

There are many reasons available for developing plaque on your teeth. You most likely realize that plaque is terrible, yet do you truly understand what it is? Here, we'll explain everything about plaque. We will discuss why does the plaque appears on your teeth? How we can eliminate it, and how we can keep it under control. 

Know from our best dentist in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. You can prevent plaque either by home remedy or by remedies that we provide in our clinic. 


So, let us start with what Is plaque? 


At the point when bacteria that grow naturally in your mouth consolidate with food particles, salivation, and liquids, they develop on your teeth and along your gumline in a delicate, sticky biofilm called plaque. This layer of microbes makes your teeth have that irritating feeling, particularly toward the beginning of the day when you awaken. Though the issue gets resolved after brushing yet, you would never like the plaque to stay on your teeth. 


So, for what reason do we develop plaque? 


This bacterial film gets risky to your oral wellbeing when it feasts upon your dietary sugar to make acids that can damage your tooth enamel. Here we are explaining a few reasons in detail those are responsible for developing plaque. 

  • In case you consume food and beverages rich in sugar like candy, chips, soda, cake and pastry, white bread, saltines, and many more, you are permitting that microscopic organism to flourish by consistently benefiting from sugars left in your mouth.
  • The alternate way we are benefiting the bacteria to develop plaque is by not maintaining proper oral cleanliness. In case you're not brushing your teeth and flossing each day, drinking a lot of water, you are inviting the worst situation for your teeth.
  • Another reason is not providing a proper oral check-up for professional cleaning of your teeth twice a year.  As home-based oral hygiene cannot provide you with the level of cleanliness you can get in our clinic, the leftover food will become the breeding zone for bacteria.

Additionally, it would help if you remembered that plaque that isn't consistently eliminated from your teeth solidifies into tartar. Hence, it causes gum issues, foul-smelling breath, tooth staining, tooth decay, and gum diseases. The situation can be so critical that you may lose your tooth. There can be a risk of infection in your gum as well. It is always good to get rid of plaque without any delay. 


So, what are the preventive measures available to treat plaque? 


In case you are looking for home-based preventive methods, the ideal approach to keep plaque from developing is by working on extraordinary oral consideration-

  • Brush your teeth utilizing fluoride toothpaste two times per day for two minutes each time.
  • Remember to brush your tongue each day as well!
  • Floss your teeth to oust food particles that would become nourishment for microbes if not eliminated.
  • Promote a climate for solid teeth and gums by eating a supplement-rich eating regimen. Join nourishments high in nutrient C, similar to yams, broccoli, peppers, and spinach; food sources that contain calcium, for example, invigorated soy drinks, verdant greens, almonds, cheddar, yoghurt, and milk; and food sources that contain phosphorus, including nuts, eggs, beans, dairy, lean meat, and fish.


Furthermore, when home-based measures do not work effectively, make sure to come to visit us for an oral examination and clinical teeth cleaning. In the event that you need to plan your next arrangement, reach us today. 


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