Five reasons you should whiten your teeth

Patchy yellowish teeth is the symbol of poor dental hygiene. You should opt for teeth whitening treatment.

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 28th Dec, 20

Have you ever dreamt about beautiful pearl-like teeth?

Well, you are not alone who is looking for the teeth whitening treatment. Yes, losing the bright color of your teeth over the period is a widespread problem among all. Patchy yellow teeth are a symptom of poor dental hygiene. This discoloration of teeth may happen due to your low lifestyle and diet also.


It can become the worst and destroy your dental health if you do not stop the building of plaque around your teeth.

Well, our Teeth Whitening treatment can help you to solve your problem.


What are Teeth Whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening treatment is a procedure that helps you to get rid of patchy teeth. The treatment brings back the natural colour of your teeth. It is the most reliable and widely accepted treatment procedure.


Reasons for whitening your teeth:

Our dentist in Vashi will suggest you undergo the teeth whitening treatment for the following reasons.

  1. Teeth whitening helps you to eliminate stains on your teeth. The reason behind these is the consumption of soda, wine, coffee, different foods and frequent smoking. When you are trying to quit the tobacco and feeling it is very tough, whitening of your teeth can help you in the case. It will give you the motivation to finish smoking because you will not want to get back those patchy teeth again due to smoking.
  2. Your white and bright teeth always enhance your aesthetic smile. It affects your overall image also. As a result, your presence in social events like parties, weddings, gatherings will increase. It will make you more confidante about yourself. You will be able to create a significant impression among others. Your connections will increase, and you will enjoy the privilege of never being alone.
  3. Ageing is a natural process which can cause your teeth to develop stains over the period. Though it is good to welcome your natural ageing yet, those patchy yellow teeth can not be accepted. Because it is not only the symbol of ageing, it is the symbol of improper oral hygiene as well. These stains can be the biggest reason for bacterial growth in your mouth, which may bring various complications shortly.
  4. Teeth whitening is a non-surgical procedure. It does not trigger pain and having no side effects. However, it can give you a long-lasting solution for your stained teeth. The treatment is not so costly. So, you can opt for the treatment without thinking twice.
  5. People who want to improve their smiles perform the maintenance procedure with due care. Starting from brushing, flossing, visiting the dentists in regular intervals, they do everything according to their requirements. All these steps are best known for the improvement of oral health.


Different types of teeth whitening treatment:

  • Porcelain veneers: It is a very costly option for teeth whitening treatment. These are small porcelain coverings for your teeth. It can last for at least 20 years. Though the technique is painless yet, it may develop irritation, sensitivity or sudden temperature after the treatment.
  • Bleaching: Bleaching includes rubbing your teeth with a gel-like solution. There is no pain, and you can get back to your everyday life just after the treatment.
  • Dental strips: Dental strips are a kind of plastic strip that contains a thin layer of hydrogen peroxide in it. This active ingredient works very well in reducing the stains from the surface of your teeth.
  • Over the counter medications: In some instances, over the counter medications also work in whitening the teeth.
  • Laser: Teeth whitening by using laser light is the most modern technique. The laser is a small concentrated light beam which helps to remove the stain. The whole treatment takes only 30 to 60 minutes to complete.


How long will the whitening effect last?

Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. You need to take care of your teeth after the treatment. It would help if you stayed away from particular food and beverages after the treatment because these foods and drinks can cause staining on your cleaned teeth also.


If you can avoid these things then, your teeth may stay white for near about one year.


Along with these, the degree of whiteness will vary from person to person depending upon your teeth’s condition, level of staining and type of treatment you are using.