Effects of tea and coffee on your teeth

In this article we have discussed about the effects of tea and coffee on your oral health and how to get rid from this.

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 25th Mar, 21

The majority of people in Mumbai cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. For some people, caffeine is a mandatory thing for their regular life. But do you know what effects can coffee bring to your pearl white teeth? However, drinking several cups of coffee and tea daily may harm your teeth' appearance and function.


Learn from the best dentist in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, how bad tea and coffee are for your oral hygiene.


While most of us are avoiding unhealthy foods like fatty dairy, sugary desserts, packaged sweets, and deep-fried foods, one habit that many of us are unable to leave is our addiction to that cup of tea or coffee. As compared to a bag of oily and spicy chips or sugary confections, coffee and tea may seem harmless. But coffee and tea can contain a significant amount of sugar. The link between coffee, tea, and tooth erosion is straightforward. Sugar present in your tea or coffee is the key ingredient that leads to tooth decay.


What are the effects of tea and coffee on your teeth, and how to control these?


Dental erosion: 

Coffee is also acidic by nature. The sugar in tea or coffee reacts with bacteria in your mouth to produce acids. These acids are very harmful to the protective coverings of your teeth. As a result, your teeth' inner layer, which contains open nerve endings, becomes exposed. 


One of the immediate consequences of tooth erosion is sensitivity. Aside from sensitive teeth, extreme tooth erosion can lead to cavity formation. Cavities can lead you to tooth decay and, eventually, tooth loss. Drinking tea and coffee with a high amount of sugar and coffee can lead to tooth decay.


Bad breath: 

Poor breath, also known as halitosis, can occur by consuming coffee or tea. When you drink excessive amounts of these drinks on an empty stomach, the problem of poor breath arises. We recommend you have your tea or coffee with a snack or simply drinking a cup of tea or coffee after having a meal. As per our dentist in Vashi, reducing sugar in your tea or coffee may help you to some extent to cope with the issue.



Tooth staining

Coffee and tea contain Tannins. They can also be found in alcoholic drinks such as wine. Tannins are a type of polyphenol, a class of bitter caustic compounds. Generally, Tannins are useful for the leather industry to dye leather, so you can imagine what they can do to your teeth. When your teeth are exposed to tannins daily, they can develop a yellowish stain. If you leave your teeth untreated, it can turn into a permanent stain.


How to get rid of the stain on your teeth?


At least once a year, avail the dental check-ups at our Vashi dental clinic to get rid of coffee and tea stains. Aside from that, there are some things you can do to whiten your teeth at home.


Lime has bleaching properties, and salt assists in infection removal. Rubbing lime juice mixed with salt on your teeth will help lighten them significantly. Baking soda and activated charcoal powder both function in the same way. Combine the two ingredients in a paste and apply to your teeth for a few minutes.


To remove stains, you can use tooth whitening toothpaste and brush gently for at least two minutes per day.

But prevention is always better than cure. So, you should avoid a high amount of tea and coffee consumption. You do not have to give up your favorite drink entirely, but you should certainly cut back on it.


Limit yourself to one or two cups of tea or coffee a day. Green tea, rather than black tea, is a better choice for your oral health. It is lighter in color and will not stain the teeth as much.


A balanced diet can also help to offset the harmful effects of coffee or tea on your teeth. Fruits with natural fibers, such as strawberries and lemons, have a cleaning effect on teeth.


So, we can conclude that tea or coffee does more damage than doing anything good to your teeth. But you can still reverse the effect with proper dental treatment. Multiple facilities are available at Face Essentials dental clinic in Navi Mumbai to restore coffee and tea-stained teeth to their former state.


Make an appointment with our best dentist in Vashi to receive prompt dental treatment. We offer various facilities, from basic cleanings to more involved procedures such as teeth implantation. Our dental experts will also give you advice on how to take care of your teeth at home.