Sensitive Teeth: Common Causes and Solutions in Vashi

Sensitive teeth cause discomfort and make it difficult for you to eat and drink. It can also cause severe teeth pain especially when one eats sweet or acidic foods. Read on to view the full details.

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 14th Jul, 21

When you eat your favorite chocolate cookies, do your teeth start to ache?

After having a candy bar, do your teeth pain?

Aren't you able to enjoy eating your favorite foods because of severe tooth pain?

All these are signs of having a sensitive tooth. Sensitive teeth cause discomfort and make it difficult for you to eat and drink. Sensitive teeth cause severe teeth pain especially when one eats sweet or acidic foods.


Do you have sensitive teeth?

If yes, then get treatment for your sensitive teeth from the best dental clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. This article discusses the common causes of sensitive teeth and provides solutions to treat sensitive teeth.


First, let us discuss the causes of sensitive teeth.


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What are the causes of sensitive teeth?

The common causes of sensitive teeth are as follows-


1 . Teeth Whitening Treatment: 

The objective of teeth whitening treatment is to give you a beautiful and bright smile. But instead of enhancing your smile, the treatment can end up giving you pain. Yes, a teeth whitening treatment can lead to sensitive teeth and cause teeth pain. 


Instead of giving you a beautiful smile, the treatment can end up taking away your smile. This is because most teeth whitening products contain peroxide, which is harmful to the teeth and causes teeth sensitivity.


2. Brushing very hard: 

Brushing very hard can wear out the teeth' enamel. It can even damage the gums. Brushing very hard can lead to hard times by causing teeth sensitivity. The best dentist in Vashi advises one to use toothbrushes with soft bristles and avoid brushing hard.


3. Improper flossing: 

Not flossing can damage the teeth and cause teeth sensitivity. Along with brushing, flossing regularly is also important to stay away from teeth problems and teeth sensitivity and to maintain good oral hygiene.


4. Bruxism: 

Teeth grinding or clenching of teeth can cause teeth sensitivity and can damage the enamel. Bruxism or teeth grinding leads to wearing out of teeth and can even cause the teeth to crack.


5. Certain foods: 

Certain foods like sugary foods and acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, and pickles cause erosion of enamel which in turn leads to sensitive teeth. These foods can give temporary joy but, in the end, they give permanent pain. They are pleasant for the tongue but unpleasant for the teeth. 


So, for momentary joys, don't put yourself in pain. Don't let the joys turn expensive for you. Don't allow the momentary joys to turn into permanent pain. It is advisable to limit the consumption of sugary and acidic foods.


What are the solutions to treat sensitive teeth?

Just like there is no lock without a key, the same way, there is no problem without a solution! There is a solution to every problem. Yes, there are solutions to treat the problem of sensitive teeth too so don't worry! 


The dentist at the best dental care clinic in Vashi, recommends implementing the following solutions to reduce teeth sensitivity.

  • Mouthguard: If teeth grinding is the cause of your sensitive teeth, then your dentist in Vashi might suggest you use mouthguards while sleeping to avoid teeth grinding and thus help reduce teeth sensitivity. Mouthguards are an effective solution to treat teeth grinding and teeth sensitivity.
  • Fluoride gel: Your dentist in Vashi will put fluoride varnish on your teeth to reduce teeth sensitivity and strengthen your enamel. Fluoride gel or fluoride varnish helps reduce teeth pain and teeth sensitivity.
  • Use of bonding agents: If root exposure is the cause of your sensitive teeth, your specialist in Vashi will advise you to use a bonding agent that helps cover the root's surface. A bonding agent is applied to the exposed root to block the exposure and decrease teeth pain.
  • Root Canal Treatment: In case the above solutions do not work, then doing a root canal treatment from the best dental clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai is a good option. In root canal treatment, the dentist will take out the pulp or soft nerve tissues inside your tooth. Root canal treatment helps in reducing teeth pain and discomfort.


So, don't worry as now it is possible to get rid of your sensitive teeth. By following the above solutions and by seeking help from the best dentist in Vashi, you can get rid of your sensitive teeth. You can get rid of your teeth' pain.


Now you can enjoy eating your favourite foods and be free from teeth pain. You can now do your daily activities with ease without irritation in the teeth.


So, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to enjoy eating your favourite foods? Don't you want to replace the pain with joy?


If you don't wish to stay with your sensitive teeth any longer and wish to make your teeth stronger, visit a dentist in Vashi right away!