Braces are more beneficial than rectifying your smile

Braces are used not only for correcting the shape and placement of your teeth. They have numerous other benefits as well.

Dr. Kartik Poonja Created on 27th Jan, 21

Are you suffering from crooked teeth?

Do you want to have a beautiful smile? 


Well, braces can be the best option for you. Both teenagers and adults are availing braces as their first choice to fix their misaligned teeth. You will get a pretty smile after the treatment. Eventually, it will give you confidence. But braces can provide you various medical benefits as well. Some of these benefits may surprise you. But it is true.


People in Mumbai are also facing various dental issues, where they require braces as the treatment. So, if you plan to have braces treatment for your oral well-being, a Dentist in Vashi can help you get a safe and long-lasting solution. At our clinic, we provide the treatment at an affordable price.


Let us start with an overview of braces. 


Braces are the tools to treat your dental issues related to misaligned teeth. It helps to fix your crooked teeth. An experienced orthodontist can treat your crooked teeth and solve all the related problems quickly.


Now when you have an idea about braces, you would want to know the medical benefits of dental braces.


Well, the benefits of braces are as follows- 


It gives you an Improved bite.


Though the primary goal of having braces is to fix crooked teeth, they can improve your bites. Perfect taste is essential while eating food. It helps you tear the food into small pieces to chew them and swallow without having any problem. So, if you have an improper bite due to missing teeth or crooked teeth, it will hamper your ability to eat. Eventually, your low biting power will lead you to digestive disorders and related health issues. 

If you ignore the issue, you will suffer from severe pain in your jaw, mouth ulcers due to tearing by poorly aligned teeth. It will become harder for you to chew, resulting in law locking. 

In severe cases, you will experience headaches, pain in your jaw, and TMJ disorder. 


Improved Alignment 


When you have a misaligned jaw and overcrowded teeth, it can cause you trouble while speaking. But our orthodontic treatment can solve this problem very quickly. As a result, you will get back your ability to speak correctly. 

We may add an expander to widen up your palate before fixing the braces. It can help you with issues like easy breathing and snoring. It may improve your ear and sinus area to that which you were suffering from a misaligned jaw. Again, it can improve your aesthetic appearance as well. 


Improved oral care


Cleaning crowded and misaligned teeth are very hard. Even a professional clinical treatment has to face the issue. As some of your teeth hides behind the other, it makes brushing and flossing almost impossible. Hence, the development of bacteria is very normal in those uncleaned parts. Eventually, you will develop cavities and gum disease. You can improve your natural oral hygiene by fixing your crooked teeth. 


Your good oral care habits include regular brushing twice a day, regular flossing, and using mouthwash. If you are wearing braces, then good oral care is mandatory. It helps to prevent bad breath, tartar and gum disease, and discoloration of teeth. Regularly clean your brackets and wires of braces. Include a routine dental visit to get added benefits that can last for a lifetime. 


Improved confidence


Confidence is essential to succeed in your life. If you always hide your smile due to embarrassment, you are less likely to take risks in the real world. Hence, you lose the probability of winning the race as well. But When you are happy with yourself, you will be more active in life. So, always opt for a better-aligned tooth and boost your confidence.


With the improved function, smile, better oral care habits, and more confidence, it's clear that braces' medical benefits are just as significant, if not more important, than a nice-looking smile. Find a perfect dental braces treatment in Vashi Navi Mumbai.