Skin Proceduress

Skin problems are increasing due to improper lifestyle, pollution, improper dietary habits etc.

Skin problems can vary from blemishes to large scars or even age related problems like wrinkles or loss of facial fat.

There are varying treatment modalities which quick fix these issues and give u beautiful and young look.

  • Botox Injections :
    Botox is made from the bacterium that causes botulism. This is basically blocking transmitters at the neuromuscular junction. This causes the muscles to relax and evens out the wrinkles. It is useful where there are “dynamic wrinkles”. A small amount of solution is injected in the concerned area with a insulin syringe which has very thin needle. Procedure doesn’t take much time. Results can be expected in 24 hours and last for at least six months. Facial movements should be avoided for 24 hours.
  • Chemical Peels :
    In this technique a solution is applied on the face kept for a particular period of time and then cleaned off. Chemical Peels are useful in many conditions ranging from achieving glow, betterment of skin tone to reducing acne as well as reducing scarring. The chemical peels range from mild to deep peels depending on how much they penetrate the skin. Mild peels may have to be repeated time and again to achieve desired result while deep peels results last for long periods. Post operative care is very important after chemical peels like minimizing sun exposure, use of a sunscreen, use of moisturizer etc. If all instructions are followed it is a very useful and result oriented procedure.
  • Laser Treatment :
    Lasers have varying uses from skin resurfacing to hair removal and even tattoo removal. Depending on the purpose we can use fractional co2 laser for skin resurfacing, diode laser is used for hair removal, and qswitch laser is used for pigmentation and tattoo removal. Recovery time is more since it penetrates the skin deeper and so care must be taken adequately. Lasers produce one of the best results compared to other modalities of treatments.
  • Dermaabrasion and microdermaabrasion :
    This is one of the modalities to get rid wrinkles and scars.
    Dermaabrasion can really be useful treatment for deep acne scars while microdermaabrasion can be used for fine wrinkles and skin polishing. Injectable local anesthesia is used for this procedure. In dermaabrasion sort of skin cutting instrument is used so that it can be deeper while in microdermaabrasion a machine is used that acts like a sucker and eliminates surface impurities Special care must be taken after dermaabrasion since there is more exposure of underlying skin.
  • Dermal fillers :
    These basically contain hyaluronic acid which provide volume to a particular area where it is deficient. This is specially used in nasolabial areas, cheek areas, tear trough etc. It gives a very natural result and lasts for at least a year.
  • PRP with microneedling :
    PRP is basically platelet rich plasma which is derived from patient’s blood itself after centrifugation. It has a lot of growth factors which help in collagenesis which improves quality of the skin. Accompanied with microneedling gives even better results. Very useful in case of open pores and scars.
  • HIFU and RF microneedling :
    High intensity focused ultrasound and RF microneedling useful for skin tightening and elimination wrinkles.
  • Surgical procedures :
    We also perform various surgical procedures like blepharoplasty(eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty, face-lift surgeries. These surgeries provide results more longer than non surgical.
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